The world of sumi-e painting of play of Ken Aono who loves mountain stream fish and nature

 今月の1枚   Art work   Un ouvrage
Work name To the glittering mountain stream
 Size 35 x 35cm
Work number and others No.96013-002
Individual owning

It comes showing it by one piece every month.
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アーカイブ  Archive   L'archive
Fish 10/9晴釣雨読Seichou-Udoku : It fishes when fine,and it reads at rain(05010-004) 
11/02山魚女Yamame : I go to fish brook trout. I go to meet on the day of my boyhood.(02020-045)
12/02岩魚の背中The back of char : On the back of char, large snowflakes are dancing even midsummer.
12/12賀正Gasho : Happy New Year(94010-81)
13/02瓢々として遊ぶPlaying as he likes : Playing as he likes, fishing as enjoy himself.(02005-080)
14/05岩魚Iwana : A mountain trout breaks water、runs the current.(00010-030)
15/07はぜHaze: The sea where a goby lives, From a morning to the evening. It's being done freely.(07010-010)
16/04忘れた唄wasureta-uta : Where did a forgot song go.(93010-42)
16/08雪の精The spirit of snow: A spirit of snow lodges at a back of the char.(98020-008)
17/03がしらGashira: GASHIRA with a ugly face says to us that the taste is good.(08005-006)
17/06山魚女Yamame: Water has to be running. It isn't supposed to stop.(02065-089)
17/10煌めく渓へTo the glittering mountain stream: A hot air, deeply,dazzing, to the glittering mountain stream.
Plant 10/10あけびAkebi  : The hand is put together on the harvest from mountain(05010-005)
10/11蕪Kabura : The hand is put together toward the turnip(05025-039)
11/01紅い雫Akai shizuku : (Japanese quince)Scarlet drops(05025-037)
11/03蕗の薹Fukinotou : Spring buds.(08005-005)
11/06蓮の香りHasunokaori : A scent of lotus, A smell of water, White sunny spot on far day.(05027-002)
11/12梅香十里Baikou-juri : The flower of a plum is fragrant to a distance.(05005-050)
12/01ねぎNegi : When I think about a long leek, I am full of joy.(02010-068)
12/02山菜Sansai : Wild grass/I will get wet to rain on a rainy day. I will leave this body to a wind on the day of a wind. I will take a walk on a fine day. I will sing a song, if pleasant.
12/08ほおずきhozuki : Thin green which remains in the wrinkles of the vermilion fruit.(02010-059)
12/09なすNasu-楽在其中:Pleasure is also in every day.(05005-060)
13/01蝋梅Roubai :
When the smell of Wintersweet is fragrant up, I remember my mother longingly.(05010-014)

13/06トマトTomato : I would like to become an angel. I would like to become a flower.
Poem by Jukichi Yagi(07007-028)
 13/08紅い家族Akai kazoku: A red family(05005-057)
13/09酔芙蓉Suifuyou: Cotton rosemallow, this white flower blooms in the beginning of the morning, and dyes a pink cheek in the evening.
13/12ざくろZakuro : The meaning of loving is believing.(08005-003)
14/03風の道kazenomichi : Oh, It has changed, the way of the wind.(96013-011)
14/04わらびwarabi : I will walk by not carrying out exceeding my capability. (07005-022)
14/08桃ふたつMomo futatsu : Two peaches, Inside of a bowl(95007-011)
15/01蕗の薹Fukinotou : Spring is sprouted.(07010-013)
15/02かたくりKatakuri : The Light love of the light purple of a dogtooth. Phrase by AONO KEN(08005-002)
15/07なすEggplant: 阿吽a-hum/The beginning of the whole creation and the end(07005-029)
15/09蓮池Hasuike : The fragrance of the lotus. The smell of the water. White sunny spot on a far day.(07030-027)
15/11放哉Housai : Even if I cough, I'm alone.(07025-008)
15/12赤かぶらAka-kabura: What is left for you as my keepsake. a flower in spring. a little cuckoo in summer. a colored leaves in autumn.(00009-066)
16/02蕗の薹Fukinotou : Absorb a positive(00005-046)
16/07春蘭Shunlan : (05020-068)
16/10柘榴とあけび Pomegranate and akebi/I'd like to bring a heart to nothing and be a wind, light and a leaf. poem by Atsuo Oki(07005-006)
17/04蓮の花 Hasu no hana:A mountain throws up haze on the day which cleared up, and water emits light.(07010-016)
17/07桃Momo : Well, I'll return. The country is going to get rough.(96013-009)by TouEnMei

Still life 10/12幸せHappiness: It wishes the relief to the person who enters, and it wishes happiness to the person who leaves.(02035-043)
11/07草履Zouri:Sandals : I knit one sandals.(00005-036)
11/08伊呂波Iroha : The alphabet of Japan(02020-048)
11/09心をこめてkokoro wo komete : Put the heart. (05005-061)
12/05阿伽陀Agada : Mystical medicine which cures all illnesses (02020-050)
13/05ベネチアングラス Venetian glass :The dream of a trip is visible beyond venetian glass.(07010-011)
13/11ふくろう Owl : Fortune
14/01酒と鮭SAKE to SAKE : It's alcohol. It's a salmon.(97015-045)
14/07ゆったりゆっくりYuttari Yukkuri : Calmly Slowly : It does not hurry. It is not panicked. It does not depend. It is not strained. It is looking looking asaide. Calmly Slowly(02020-051)
14/11一期一会Ichigo Ichie : Once-in-a-lifetime chance/I'm happy because I can meet you.(02080-039)
14/12賀正Gasho : New Year's congratulations(94010-93)
15/04招き猫Manekineko : Something I make most important(02025-095)
15/05北欧の馬Hokuou no uma : Yesterday's encounter,Today's relation,Tomorrow's dream(0520-071)
16/1雪月花Setsugekka : I think of you most at snow, moon and a flower.(05010-024)
16/02散る桜Chiruskura : Petal of the cherry tree which scatters. A remaining petal is also,
Petal of the cherry tree which scatters.(02020-049)
Scenery 10/11薬師に茜 Yakushi's pagoda in the madder skyA cirrocumulus on Yakushi's pagoda.
A sound of insects in the grassy place. Is that a cricket or a matsumushi cricket?(05070-007)

11/10月と薬師Tsuki to yakushi : The moon and Yakushi-ji temple(92015-001)
13/03天にまっすぐTen ni massugu : The pagoda in Yakushiji temple is still straight toward heavens.(94010-31)
13/07ヴェネチアVenezia : The light of the moon in front of sunset is in the empty in Venezia.(02010-072)
17/05雨の薬師Ame no Yakushi: It pours rain on the tower of Yakushi(02010-071)
Creature 11/11ティティウスTitius: He thinks that he is not a dog but a human being. It will bark, if lonely, and if sad, it will fall and look down. I have to do my best. (00020-062) 
12/05一期一会Ichigoichie : Once in a lifetime chance (95013-028)
12/10雑草Zassou: Weeds is very beautiful indeed.(94015-95)
15/10元気ださな Genki dasana:If you fall, you can't go.You have to brace yourself up.(97013-014)
17/01酉年・可成屋出版Chicken year : On the parent bird, a little bird is one(kanariya020)
Another motif 11/04 仏は常にBuddha always...: Buddha always close to us, but we cannot watch in the true world with my naked eyes. But there is a thing that he appears in a dream of the dawn when we fall asleep yet.(00010-023)
13/04草地蔵kusa-jizo : A guardian deity of children is in a field. (94010-14)
16/11仏Hotoke : 南無阿弥陀仏NaMuAMiDaBuTsu800005-037)
Pottery/Enjoy living 12/07矩形皿「唐辛子」Six square dishes "The red pepper" (P98045-007)
14/02磁器 丸皿「春夏秋冬」Porcelain "The four seasons": All are wonderful, spring, summer, fall and winter. (P9500X-038)
14/06お菓子缶「せんべい」Confectionery can label "Rice cracker"(m0056)
16/11 Design for Xmas card in 2000(1)
Ad / Illustration 12/04筍Bamboo shoot (2003.3 黄桜the advertisement of the sake brewing : newspaper/magazine)m-0100
13/10松茸Matsutake mushroom(Age unknown 、Advertisement Envelope )
Sketch 11/05Roses1 14/09Titius1 14/10Bee and Dragonfly
Graphic design 15/06Postar Lanvin Exhibition(2001 Kobe fashion museum) 
16/09Book design Strawberry (by Susumu Shingu , published Bunka Shuppan Kyoku)
Calligraphy 12/11楽Raku :  It is pleasant. Mind and body are peaceful. It plays.(96013-016)
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