The world of sumi-e painting of play of Ken Aono who loves mountain stream fish and nature

 Please enjoy the photograph etc ! Sorry for each blog is Japanese only.
◆  Work
  Shuzo OGUSHI Site of Ogushi Photographic Office
  Mekikki It is a select shop of accessories where the owner's good judge .
  Hak-koubou It is a Korean furniture shop in the Lee dynasty .
  tawaras Tawara Etsuzan produces the world of calligraphe. Please enjoy it.
◆ Learn
Hello computer room
at tomio,Nara pref. Japan You will be able to learn P.C. in an individual booth in comfort with coffee or tea.
Road to KEN AONO Museum The warden is [Hachan].
She write the happening of the day and about Ken AONO.
Take it easy, Penne It is a hearwarming story of Dalmatian who called Penne, and her family.
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