The site of Ken Aono who loved valley stream fishing and nature and enjoyed his life as a ink painter, a graphic designer upgraded as The site of KEN OFFICE. Our motto is “Dare Care Share”.
We can find life worth living forever through ‘my work’. We create Fun, Happy and Tasty for our guest who are interested in our work and products.
We hope you visit us and enjoy it. Thank you.



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&ken Ken Aono was a graphic designer, ink painter, mountain stream fisherman, and wildflower lover. &KEN is pleased to present his view of Ken AONO 'Play with Sumi-e painting’ In addition, &KEN will introduce amazing artists in the world and their artworks for sell.
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→ Ken Aono 'Play with Sumi-e painting'
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KEN Office

KEN OFFFICE There are specialists who achieve to make your life fun and to be useful. If there is something you have an interest, please inquire any time.
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→ Let's dance Latin dance!
→ My life video just for you
→ Making original mark
→ RyS Italian kitchen

Marusa Store

Marusa Store Marusa Store is like a japanese old-fashioned anything-goes store or a mini-supermarket in a European small town. Those tickle our heart.
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→ African Textiles
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→ Marusa Lifestyle Tools
→ Atelier Ryo for Japanese-style women's clothes
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